Airius Cooling & Airflow Circulation Fans

Reinventing airflow since 2004, Airius have revolutionised the global fan markets with their market leading air circulation and thermal destratification systems. Our Patented Airflow Technology is reinventing the expectations of a fan with amazing outcomes, providing comfort from heat in summer and optimising warmth in cooler environments. Airius fans also provide significant benefits for cold freezer aisles in supermarkets while offeringexcellent condensation reduction in all building types. 

These architecturally designed fans are taking the stage as their sleek design blends into every location with ease and sophistication. As testament to its superiority, the Airius system has quickly built an extensive and prestigious client base including well-known brands such as Coles, Qantas, BMW, Lush and many more.




Experts in airflow circulation

The correct use of air movement and/or air removal can significantly improve personal comfort within a space, without the capital expense, running costs, health issues and carbon emissions of Air Conditioning.  Incorporating a unique patented air turbine, Airius’ World leading Airflow Circulation Technology has created a new standard in fan airflow expectations. The revolutionary design enables movement of large amounts of air, over long distances, vertically or horizontally, using very low amounts of energy. For further information on Warehouse/indiustrial applications click here.


Simple To Install


Mounted just below the ceiling (they can also be suspended metres below the ceiling if needed) and evenly spaced throughout your facility, Airius Fans work in unison to move air efficiently around the zone of occupancy. The patented airflow technology from each fan delivers airflow to the floor which in turn interacts with other “jets” of air to create pleasant air movement and turbulence as the air flows interact.


"We are looking to install more Airius units and would recommend Airius Fans as a great solution for effective comfort management."

"After installing Airius fans and experiencing the immediate difference to comfort levels, we were very impressed. 

We had a rapid installation requirement and Airius and the installing partner worked quickly to have the units delivered, installed and commissioned within two weeks or order. 

We are looking to install more units and would recommend Airius fans as a great solution for effective comfort management."


To learn more about Airius airflow circulation cooling fans and how they could benefit your building Download our brochure and contact us today.