Daikin Air Purifier

Having an Air Purifier in your home can make a big difference on your indoor air quality.


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The Spring dilemma

Spring cleaning should apply to the air inside your home – seriously! Most people don’t realise indoor air quality can be up to five times worse than the air outside.

Here’s the dilemma: throwing open the windows gets rid of winter stuffiness, but also lets in pollen and seasonal allergens. So, how can you ensure a fresh indoor oasis for the health of you and your family?

Zena Daikin Split System

A year-round problem

Indoor air quality matters more than we often realise. For one thing, no-one wants to hang around in a room full of stale, musty air!
Beyond comfort, air quality profoundly impacts health year-round. During winter, tiny particle droplets keep colds and other viruses circulating, while summer humidity can lead to mould growth.

Thankfully, tech innovations now let you control your home’s air quality for a thriving, resilient family.

Perfecting the air

Daikin is Australia’s air quality specialist – a reputation the company takes so seriously, it has an entire range dedicated to perfecting the air in your home.

There is a Daikin Air Purifier suited for every space – from the smallest model best for bedrooms (serving 46m2), to the largest for open-plan living areas (serving 82m2). All are portable, easy to move around, and employ truly cutting-edge technology.

Powerful innovation

Streamer Technology, a unique innovation from Daikin, powers all its Air Purifiers and pairs perfectly with A High Efficiency Particulate Filter and replacement-free Deodorising Filter.

A powerful plasma discharge activates oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air, turning them into super-molecules that destroy unwanted pollutants like bacteria, viruses and even formaldehyde. The streamer constantly decomposes odour particles in the air too – which means no stinky filter changes, and a perfect companion in your kitchen.

Tested for the real world

Daikin Air Purifiers have been rigorously independently tested to ensure you have piece of mind when it comes to your home and family.

Tested to reflect real world performance in a 30m3 bedroom-like room, the Streamer Technology eliminates up to 99.3% of virus particles (like H1N1 and HCOV-229E) in as little as 30 minutes, depending on model*. Plus, you’ll be breathing easy throughout spring knowing the streamer is effective against 16 types of pollen!

A controlled environment

But above all, our Daikin Air Purifiers put you back in control of your environment. The Live Indoor Air Quality Indicator panel lets you check in at a glance. No overcomplicated, technical details – just a quick, clear snapshot of what your current air quality is like.

And because they operate at a whisper-quiet level, you’ll never have to trade air pollution for noise pollution.