Amidst COVID-19, can Air Purification get Australians back to work?

Posted on 11 May 2020

With Coronavirus continuing to threaten and drastically change the way we live and work, many are wondering what else they might be able to do to assist with regard to keeping germs and virus’s at bay while still being able to get on with business.

Keep environments safe and operational with the PureAir Series, eliminating 99% of surface and 97% of airborne bacteria and virus’s.

A possible solution for employers is the Airius PureAir Series. The Airius PureAir range consists of PhotoHydrolonization (PHI) fans and a range of Air Purification devices. This Purification technology is a simple and cost-effective solution. PHI cells can be inserted into Airius fans or retrofitted into existing air conditioners - splits, ducted and package units.

How does it work?

Ducted Cell
Split Cell
Available in Air Pear, Designer, and Suspended Ceiling Series of fans
Easily Install a PHI Mini Split to your existing or new Air Conditioning split system
PHI Cell can be retrofitted into existing HVAC ducting for a fast and Cost-effective Air Purification Solution

The PureAir solution has been tested and proven to kill 99% of Surface and 97% of airborne viruses, mould and bacteria.

Whilst air purification may not be able to stop Coronavirus impacting the economy, with the help of these PHI cells, proven air purification technology can help reduce odours, gases, VOCs and establish and maintain healthy environments.

The PureAir PHI Series comes in three main air purification solutions that use aggressive advanced oxidisation plasma to destroy airborne pollutants.

Emitting Advanced oxidation plasma (0.01-0.02ppm). The fan circulates hydro-peroxide, superoxide ions and hydroxide ions through the space.


Air Purification - A serious consideration

As the global economic impact continues to mount, the survival of Australian local business and jobs are critical. Air purification technology has been around for years however not prioritised due to the fact that air purification is not considered a necessity in building and construction, nor Australian Standards. Now is the time for air purification to be a priority in all commercial buildings and homes.

The Australian Government’s stimulus package is a great initiative and has been released to help businesses get through this incredibly challenging time, although only a band-aid solution with many hurdles yet to come.

Purification technology could well be what helps get businesses and their employees back to work and helping our economy get back on track. Indoor air quality is imperative for high productivity levels in office and warehouse environments.

Mojo Air is an authorised reseller of Airius products for industrial air conditioning.

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