Lower Your Operating costs and Enjoy Enhanced cash flows by upgrading your equipment

Posted on 21 May 2021

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With the Australian Federal Government announcing enhanced support for different Australian businesses with a temporary tax incentive as a part of the budget for 2020-2021, this is the best time to upgrade your equipment and plants. This scheme of temporary full expensing will support business investment and give you the much-needed benefits from enhanced cash flow.

Whether it is industrial air conditioning in Sydney or commercial air conditioning installation in Sydney, MojoAir can assist you with upgrades as well as replacements of different critical assets that include commercial air conditioning in Sydney as well as commercial air conditioning service in Sydney. Some of the things that MojoAir can do are:

  • Mechanical services include end of life replacement on things like air conditioning systems that include motors, pumps, and fans. It is an excellent way to cut down on energy bills and save money in the long term
  • MojoAir can also help with the installation of different automation systems for buildings, control systems for carbon dioxide, control systems for car park carbon monoxide, and economy systems
  • Installation of variable speed drives
  • Upgrades for cooling towers, as well as bypass systems for condenser water
  • Upgrades for the dosing system of water treatment
  • Upgrades to fire protection as per the Australian Standards as well as meeting regulatory requirements
  • Several asset Upgrades, rectifications and replacements

Businesses that are qualified can manage to deduct the entire cost of depreciable assets that can be of any value in the very first year of use or installation. You will also be eligible to deduct the cost of improvements made during the period to all eligible depreciable assets. The temporary full expense will be applicable until 30th June 2022. If you desire more information on this, get advice from your accountant or visit the website of the Australian Tax Office.

If you go for an HVAC system upgrade, you will get the corresponding long-term savings. Around 40-50% of the energy consumption of a commercial building can be accounted for by HVAC systems (CSIRO, 2019). In addition to the tax incentives, upgrading HVAC equipment will result in energy efficiency, decreased energy consumption, and reduced operating costs.

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