Tips to Cool Your Home Without Abusing & Overusing Your Air Conditioner

Summer is already upon us, and the heat is inescapable. Having air conditioning is great at home for these hotter days through to mid March. However, the constant need to keep the Air conditioning running often brings about one or both of the below issues:

You will either encounter exorbitant electricity bills, or you will overwork your air conditioning unit to the point where it malfunctions. Given the degree and continuity of usage, it shouldn’t be a surprise when appliances in the home are overworked. Yes, Air conditioning Specialists in Sydney are affordable and efficient in quickly resolving the issue of a busted a/c unit, but encountering both high electricity bills, and broken down a/c units can be avoidable if you consider following the below tips.

In case you want to increase the longevity of your AC unit, you can always call an Air conditioning service in Sydney and get quick preventative maintenance and repair work done. It’s also useful to consider these small tips and tricks to cool your home efficiently without putting too much pressure on your Air conditioning unit in your home.

Some of these tips include –

  • Use shades and dark screens for your windows.

It is easy to deflect heat if there is even a thin barricade. Shades and dark screened windows capture the natural coolness created by airflow and keep the sunlight and heat away. This creates a naturally more refreshing surrounding.

  • Use of fans if AC isn’t necessary.

If AC isn’t necessary, use of a ceiling fan can provide thermal comfort or the feeling of being cooled. However - it will not lower the temperature of your house overall.

  • Use your AC in a smarter way

Cranking up the air conditioning at the lowest possible setting at all the time will not keep your home fresh and crisp for long. Instead, it will create excessive pressure on the motor. Putting the AC on early if a hot day is forecast to keep the space cool prior to ambient conditions heating up maintains a constant in home Temp.

Turning the system on during peak temperatures draws maximum energy usage.

  • Focus on keeping the humidity levels down

It is not the heat that is as bothersome as the humidity. Constant sticky sweat can drive most people up the wall. Sitting in the room where your a/c unit is located is a great option - however it can be a costly one.

On most newer systems - the dry function is the de-humidifier. Using the system on cooling or humidity also uses its dehumidifier function removing humidity from the home.

Ensure you are maintaining your unit and always cleaning the filter to ensure lower running costs. Dirty filters can add up to 20% running costs. Periodic cleaning based on usage is always recommended.

  • Ensure all windows and openings are shut throughout the home. Leakage of air or infiltration of outside heat can work against your goal of a cooler home, and against the goal of maintaining your desired temperature.

These small yet very crucial tips and tricks that not only keeps the electricity bill in check but also increase the longevity your Air conditioning unit.

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