5 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Working Smoothly

Posted on 31 January 2020


Once you have invested in a new air conditioning unit, or if you have an older air conditioning unit - it is imperative to look after the unit itself so it lasts for the longer term.

At Mojo Air - we are a specialist in air conditioning installation and strong believers in looking after your equipment to not only ensure it is running at full efficiency - but also ensure you are not wasting power, and money in the process for a poor performing AC unit. We have collected 5 tips which we recommend to help your air conditioner running smoothly. 

  • Check the AC’s Evaporator

For a split system, ensure your indoor unit is free from dust and debris collection to ensure Air can freely run across coil to cool your home. When unit is being serviced by specialist service technician they will check over both a split and ducted system to ensure no dust collection is blocking the coil and preventing airflow at it designed conditions.

  • Check the Level of Freon (Refrigerant)

Your specialist service Technician will check the levels and operating pressures of your Refrigerant gas. This is important for system operation that this is checked and maintained to ensure the system works efficiency as per design.

  • Clear the Condenser

Condensing unit needs to be checked and cleaned. The buildup of dust and debris can reduce the output capacity of your system as it was designed to do, meaning the coil as the back of the condensing unit has air drawn through via the condenser outdoor fan to cool the refrigerant through the pipes. If this is block with dirt or dust, or the fan is not working, the system can overheat, loose capacity and put strain on other components leading to further issues. Not to mention higher running costs and therefore energy usage.

  • Clean the Air Filter

Cleaning the Air filter on your indoor unit is the most important preventative maintenance a home owner can do for their Air conditioning system.

not only do the indoor units work by the fan pulling warm air in and pushing cool air out, they also at the same time filter debris and dust from the air, resulting in a continuous supply of clean, circulated air throughout your home.

Failing to maintain the cleanliness of your filters will not only affect their efficiency, it can also lead to adverse health impacts like asthma and allergies. 

Dirty filters can also result in a noisy system as air struggles to be drawn over the indoor unit coil to enable cooling/heating.

Preferably filters should be washed or replaced after around 200 hours of use, however, every few months or so is a good time frame to work to. If it’s a long hot summer and you find that you’re using your air conditioner more often than usual, you should consider filter maintenance more regularly.

Filters requiring cleaning can be washed with a brush or by hand in clean water and left to dry before they’re replaced.

  • Clean the Fan

The fan can be visually checked by the home owner if a split system is installed. Other than that you specialist technician can come out and clean the fan barrel on your indoor unit whether it be a ducted or split system. Build up dirt and debris can be caused from poor filter maintenance. Will a build of dust and debris the fan draws more power and short shorten the lifespan of the equipment. Also provide less capacity and less airflow if not regularly cleaned.



The above 5 tips will ensure that not only you are looking after your investment - but you also save money on power, future breakdowns, and have a comfortable home, year round. If you have any questions or would like any further information - don’t hesitate to call the team at Mojo Air on (02) 9792 5231, one of the most reputed air conditioning specialists in Sydney.

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