Pool Heat Pumps

Pool heat Pump

Want a reliable, energy efficient pool heater that provides thermal comfort and heating to your Pool year round, but wont burn a hole in your pocket?

Mojo Air provide swimming pool heating solutions to keep you and your family swimming in your backyard pool beyond the warm summer months. Our Heat pump technology provides the most economical solution for year round use of your pool, based on your desired set temperature.


What is a Pool Heater? 

After investing in a swimming pool you want ot ensure you are able to enjoy it year round! Inverter Pool Heat Pumps are a fanastic addition to any pool and can ensure the Temperature is alwasy just right for swimming. The ideal temperature for swimming pools is around 25-25 degrees. but without sufficient pool heating this temperaure can be lost very quickly. 

A Pool heater works but using the same technology in an Air Conditioning System, Warm ambient air is drawn into the heat pump by means of a fan, the air then super heated and transferred to the pool water circulating the heat pump. The Heated pool water is then Jetted back into the pool via the normal inlet pipe. 


How are Heat pumps installed? 

Installation is relatively simple, in terms of basic plumbing, the water simply flows from the pool to the regular filter pump, then out of the filter pump to a by-pass from where water is directed into the heat pump’s inlet.  After passing through, the water then exits via the heat pump’s outlet, flows back into the regular filter pump systems inlet piping, and then back into the pool.


diagram pool heat pump

Installed pool heat pump


Extend your swim season heating your pool year round with supreme comfort Control your Pool Temp from the palm of your hand Inverter technlogy will ramp up and down with super efficient technology ensuring your pool temp is just right for you Energy Efficient operation and Co-Effience of Performance C.O.P Marine Grade Aluminium cabinet with Anti Corrosion treated titanium Heat Exchanger coil


For a free assessment of the best method of heating your pool please contact us or use our Pool Heat Pump sizing guide and send to us for a quote.